Trying to ~~~fly~~~

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My hair is covered with green goop and it feels really good.

It’s weird how people used to Henna their hair in the USA and Europe 100 years ago. Using almost boiling water directly on the head with the henna is just a bad idea people! That’s why henna wasn’t super popular to dye hair at the time.

Who decided that was a good idea?!? People from parts of Asia and Africa dyed their hair using henna without damaging their scalp for centuries. But I guess people thought boiling water made it more hygienic or some bullshit…

I’m glad people here figured out they should just use it the way everyone else had used it since forever.

Boiling water doesn’t improve everything you guys. Like scalps or skin or carrots. Stick to putting boiling water on things that need it. Like pasta and defending various castle/fort/encampments from unpleasant suitors.

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