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Working at WF has made me realize that I can’t be in this kind of job for the rest of my life. I really am not happy being a part of a corporation…

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Review - Love in the Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block




Oh. My. God.

I think I may have found the most beautiful bisexual YA book of all time.

Love in the Time of Global Warming is a modern retelling of The Iliad told through the eyes of a teen girl named Penelope aka Pen. After catastrophic earthquakes devastate the world, Pen is forced on…

I just finished this book, and I loved it a lot. <3

I wanna reaaaad it

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My work made me get up at 7 in the morning so it could have a store wide meeting full of its new dumb ads. I swear some people treat WF like a religion. John m. said this and it was good. John m. Created 100 stores and gave us our future.

I didn’t realize that I’ve joined a cult until today…

At least it’s Sunday so they paid me time and a half… To be in their cult.

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Queer books out in October 2014. Know any others?
[image description: the covers of ten books, listed below]

I want to read most of these!

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Simple question


What exactly do you all think the people in the affected west African nations were doing for the virus to spread as rapidly as it has…and as fast as it generally spreads whenever these Ebola outbreaks happen?

I keep seeing these posts acting like it doesn’t make sense to…

There is also the matter of people trying to break quarantine. People and whole districts are quarantined without adequate supplies. They get scared. I know I would be if I didn’t have enough food and water.

People break in or out of quarantine for family members or because they don’t have food or water. This unfortunately helps spread the disease. Quarantines have to provide adequate food, water, and healthcare but they just shut people up and hope for the best. Which is what they do since supplies are limited.

Here is one of the articles on inadequate quarantines and police response in Liberia:

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